Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Surfing up a storm in the Bay

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Last Monday he watched a pod of Orcas cruise by.

Then today Papamoa fisherman John Howlett encountered a four to five metre beaked whale – possibly a Gray’s beaked whale.

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The Gray’s beaked whale filmed by John Howlett. Video: John Howlett.

“From my description DOC said it was a beaked whale of some sort. A beautiful animal.”

But its’s very unusual for them to be so close to the shore. They normally feed on squid and pelagic fish out in the deep water.

“But this one appeared to be stuck between the sandbar and the shore because there was an outgoing tide” says John. Every time it tried to get over the bar it was beaten back by the waves.

John was fishing on the beach when he spotted what he initially believed to be a swimmer. “I thought they were mad being out in the water on such a cold day.”

But then he saw the tail threshing around. “It’s just wonderful to see these things. An elongated dolphin really, the same sort of snout.” He hopes DOC will make a positive identification when he send them pictures.

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Posted on 23-05-2016 18:20 | By overit

Well I hope its not stranded on an out going tide. Has anyone checked on it??
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