Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Last cruise ships of the year

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Keen ship spotters and cruise enthusiasts may have spotted two cruise ships docking in Tauranga today.

Cruise liners Radiance of the Sea and Maasdam stopped at Tauranga Port earlier this morning, and brought with them about 3000 passengers to Tauranga.

Both ships came from New Zealand ports – the Maasdam from Napier and the Radiance of the Seas from Auckland – and will continue on their journeys later today.

The Maasdam is due to depart at about 8pm this evening, and the Radiance of the Seas will be docked until 5pm this evening.

If you don’t get a chance to see these ships, don’t fret as there are still more than 40 cruise ships scheduled to visit Tauranga harbours before the end of April.

And you’ll see the Maasdam again soon; she’ll be the first cruise ship to dock at Port of Tauranga in the New Year and is due back on December 03.

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