Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Toxic shellfish east of Tarawera River

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The warning against eating shellfish in the Eastern Bay of Plenty remains in force, following ongoing testing.

Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning toxins have been detected in shellfish at levels over the safe limit of 0.8mg/kg set by MPI.

Ongoing testing will continue and any changes will be communicated accordingly, says the MPI.

“Anyone eating shellfish from this area is at a real risk of illness.”

The affected area includes all the coastline between Cape Runaway and the Tarawera River mouth near Matata. The warning includes Ohiwa Harbour.

“Do not eat mussels, oysters, tuatua, pipi, toheroa, cockles, scallops, catseyes, kina (sea urchin) and all other bivalve shellfish. Cooking shellfish does NOT remove the toxin.

“Pāua, crab and crayfish may still be eaten if the gut has been completely removed prior to cooking, as toxins accumulate in the gut.

“If the gut is not removed its contents could contaminate the meat during the cooking process.”

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