Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Sausage sizzle for rowing club

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A spate of break-ins at the BOP Coast rowing club on the Wairoa River has resulted in the club being the recipient of the Tauranga BNZ fun day sausage sizzle on Friday.

Jenny Bremner who works at the bank and is also a mum at BOP Coast Rowing says she had been talking about the thefts at work.

“Because I have been talking about the thefts they decided they would do it for the BOP Coast Rowing Club,” says Jenny.

“We are completely self-funding so it’s a big blow to lose so much equipment.

So apart from anything else they are still struggling to get the insurance through. It cost us quite a bit to secure the club properly. Hopefully with this money and the givealittle page…

Thieves have had another go at the club since the motors were stolen, but were deterred by new bars on the garage doors says Jenny.

“it’s certainly not a wealthy club like some of the ones we compete against."

"The BNZ were putting on a special day today and decide to donate it to our club, rather than one of the bigger ones like Plunket."

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Posted on 04-02-2017 11:59 | By namxa

Your dead right mate.
golly gosh

Posted on 04-02-2017 06:26 | By old trucker

The Bank, should (could pay) for the whole lot $2 billion profit, and then get it back for (DONATION) but NO go fundraise,I would like to help,but the pension is not a lot,Good luck,and SURELY someone KNOWS who did this,SURELY.10-4 out.
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