Saturday, November 18, 2017
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One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

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There’ll be a lot of happy local anglers when this year’s Decoro Blue Water Classic wraps up today.

A wide variety of fish have being caught during the 2017 edition of the annual three-day fishing tournament which is run in conjunction with the Mount Maunganui Sport Fishing Club.

Species of fish caught during the competition includes skipjack tuna, shortbilled spearfish, striped marlin, yellow fin tuna, albacore and kingfish. 

While a large mako shark caught by James Grey on Friday was a tag and release. 

The DeCoro Blue Water Classic is held annually in February and will conclude today with a final weighing at Salisbury Wharf from 2-4pm.

Local fisherman Bob Baggott, seen here with his children Jazz and Vinnie, Encore skipper Stu Langdon, and Jude “auntie” Langdon, caught a 21kg shortbill spearfish with a 37kg line. 

A 122.8 kg striped marlin caught by Kim Curtis on Ocean Pacific. Photo: Wayne Cromb

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