Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Another street parade for Peter

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America’s Cup helmsman Peter Burling can expect another street parade when he returns to his home town.

At 26, Peter is the youngest crew member to ever helm an America’s Cup challenge to victory, a skill he honed first at Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club and later as helmsman on the 49er circuit and the Olympics.

It will be his second Tauranga street parade in a year. The first was last August when the gold medal winner shared honours with other local Olympians Molly and Sam Meech, Jason Saunders and canoeist Luuka Jones.

The council is planning to liaise with the Burling family to set a suitable date, says Mayor Greg Brownless. He’s also hoping to bring other team members along, and the cup itself if the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron permits.

Peter has always had the gift of making a boat go faster, says Tauranga yacht club commodore Nick Wrinch.

“I think he always had a good knack of making a boat sail fast, whatever that knack is its probably an unseen skill, it’s probably almost instinctive,” says Nick.

“And Peter always had that gift and that’s shown from an early age when he was a pre-teenager, he could always make a boat go fast – and I guess some people have that gift, and he certainly does."

The home crowd turned out in strength to cheer Peter on to the win, both at the yacht club and at the big screen on The Strand.

Interviewed immediately after the win, Peter Burling said it was still sinking in.

“To be able to do that at a pretty young age and to bring it back home is just an unreal feeling.

“Just the amount of support we have here and the crowd and the amount of  support we have back home really blows us away, and we are just really happy now to be able to share it with all those guys.”

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