Thursday, February 23, 2017

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Fishing Gossip - Courtesy of Tauranga Marine Charters

Another productive week of bottom fishing, with good weather and fishing. Still predominately tarakihi, with a few trevally, and the very odd snapper, although they’re apparently being caught in the harbour. We’ve heard of a few skippies being caught out wide, and several marlin were caught in the weekend’s competition but still nothing local yet. We had an overnighter to Mayor Friday/Saturday, a good keen crew, and after a sloppy trip out some fished through the night, catching a mix of snapper, tarakihi and porae, nice sized fish too. After some more bottom fishing next morning, we did some kingfish jigging, good fun, got a few small ones and one so nice that a mako took it, left us the head though, which was good of him. At least we saw how big it had been. Dragged a few lures around and got a couple more, but none sizeable. Good fun though.


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