Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Weather & Tides

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Fishing Gossip - Courtesy of Tauranga Marine Charters

The last couple of weeks certainly saw a wide range of fishing and weather conditions. From excellent to extremely hard, windy to flat calm. Quite often within a day or two of each other. We’ve been doing well in the deeper water on tarakihi, with the odd snapper and trevally as well, mainly due to the offshore winds keeping the warmer currents out further. Consequently the snapper haven’t shown up in close in any quantity yet. Town Pt, Karewa and the middle ground have all had their moments but been more inconsistent due to some strong currents than the 50m plus areas. We got one Hapuku trip in, which started well, with mainly gemfish on the first drifts then increasing current slowed things down again. Still, overall, pretty good. There’s plenty of fish around, it just comes down to conditions on the day and at present they’re very volatile.


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