Ramp works alleviate pressure in Whitianga

Work is underway to ease pressure at Whitianga’s boat ramps.

A rebuild is in progress at Robinson Road Boat Ramp to improve it and take pressure off the boat ramp near the wharf.

Schick Construction is reshaping the boat ramp and installing a floating pontoon. The work is expected to take 8-10 weeks but is weather-dependent.

“We expect the disruption to the existing ramp facility to be kept to a minimum; however, the site for the new facility will be fenced off along with an adjacent site area on the reserve land,” says Andrew Scobie, Council’s project manager.

“Where possible, the existing ramp and/or adjacent beach will still be able to be used for launching during most of the construction period; however, there will be times of restricted access and parking,” says Mr Scobie.

The plan helps alleviate congestion at the Whitianga Wharf Boat Ramp, which is a busy area with tourists, ferry passengers and children.

The work happens during low tides. Excavators have built a rock causeway to access the deepest point.

Once contractors reach the end of the ramp area they will excavate the seabed to form the new boat ramp approach. The GPS excavators will shape and form the new ramp as it works back to a level above the high water mark.

The rock causeway will be progressively removed and used to form the new ramp shape and upper harbour revetment. Silt will be managed with silt fences and a tepidity curtain and monitored throughout the process.

A large crawler-type crane is on site to install sheet piling and sand bags to form a coffer dam which will be emptied of water for the ramp construction.

Once dry enough the construction of the ramp can start with concrete footings and precast panels to form the retaining wall between the old and new ramp. Then final shaping and trimming of the ramp will be done before the boxing, reinforcing and concrete is poured for the new ramp surface.

Once the new ramp has cured, the timber fencing and piles can be driven for the floating pontoon before the sheet piling is removed.

The new floating pontoon will be floated into position. Finally the reshaped road kerb can be poured and the new asphalt vehicle staging area formed and laid.

Whangapoua upgrade

Design consultation and consenting for work to rebuild the two-lane concrete boat ramp at Whangapoua and install a floating pontoon is happening this financial year.

Stage one re-construction of the concrete boat ramp is planned to start in the next year, stage two of the boat ramp upgrade installation of the pontoons is scheduled for 2022/2023.

The existing boat ramp is in a deteriorating condition with cracks in the concrete at the end of the ramp and in between the ramps. is cracked and breaking.

The existing boat ramps were poured at two different levels, which has caused some safety concerns for boat ramp users. The proposed concrete boat ramp will eliminate these issues and the addition of a pontoon will make the boat ramp more user-friendly for boaties


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