Catfish Cull is calling

The 2020 Rosemergy Catfish Cull happens at Lake Taupo again this year, in efforts to eradicate or at least reduce the number of the  pest fish from... Read More

Fish In Focus - King Salmon

King salmon is a fish worthy of its name, prized for its rich flavour and delicate texture. A member of the Salmonidae family (trout, salmon), king... Read More

Alf Rendell celebrates 102

Local legend and Tauranga Yacht and Powerboat Club member Alf Rendell has reached the  grand age of 102. Born in November 1917, he came to the... Read More

Where are all the John Dory?

The John Dory appear to have almost disappeared from our beaches over the winter months. The John Dory has been called “a vacuum cleaner”... Read More

Tongariro National Trout Centre

As Christmas approaches, many holiday makers and more than a few handy fishermen flock to the Lake Taupo district to, among other things get out on the... Read More

Areas targeted for closure

Prime fishing areas in the Bay of Plenty have been targeted for closure and LegaSea along with local fishers are pushing back. The closures of some reefs... Read More

Named the best in NZ

Outstanding innovation and a tremendous work ethic has seen Bridge Marina Travelift Ltd win the inaugural “Boatyard of the Year” award at... Read More

Expedition race combo

The 16th Legends regatta unfurled at  Great Mercury Island at Labour Weekend, with hosts Mount Maunganui Yacht Club. The concept a combination... Read More

Two hours from home

Skipper Stuart Pedersen, his wife Pamela,  brother-in-law Stephen Newman, and fellow Tauranga Yacht & Powerboat Club member Bruce Goodwin were two... Read More

Catfish threat

Lucas Macdonald, Biosecurity Officer from the Bay of Plenty Regional Council says the education component is critical, because many boaties visiting... Read More