Tightening up beach fishing rules

Beach fishers are advised to state their case before the council re-writes beach fishing rules.

Shore fishing along the Mount Maunganui ocean beach could become a seasonal only event following a re-writing of the Tauranga City Council’s beaches bylaw.

  Proposed changes will give councillors the power to limit the use of longlines and kontiki devices.

The proposed changes on the city council website state that beach fishing could in future be restricted to specific times or seasons on all or part of the beach.

  The stated reason for the move to control recreational fishing, is because longlines have been said to drift into areas where people are swimming or surfing, causing safety issues.

The report on the council website states that Council would have the ability to restrict use during busy periods, but it also states the change will not prohibit fishing.

  Another proposed change means drones will be excluded from the definition of ‘motorised aircraft’ so that people can fly them off beaches as long as they abide by CAA rules.

  According to the existing bylaw, the current reference to ‘motorised aircraft’ not being able to land or take off from beaches unless in case of emergency, may imply that drones cannot take off from, or land on, beaches.

  The beaches included in the updated Beaches Bylaw 2018 refers to any beach from and including Mauao, the Mount Maunganui Main Beach and eastward to the Kaituna River.

  Fishing apparatus refers to any instrument used for recreational purposes including kontiki devices and longlines.

  ATVs will still be able to be used on the beach for fishing purposes.

And that’s just for the purpose of recreational fishing, and provided they use the access between 105 and 107 Karewa Parade.

  No person may use a fishing apparatus including a longline or kontiki device within 300m of any flagged lifeguard area.

  Craft can be moored secured or anchored on the beach but council may require their removal if they are deemed to be causing a safety or nuisance issue, or impacting on the wider public enjoyment of the beach.

  Submissions on the Beaches Bylaw 2018 close 5pm June 15.



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