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The Smuggler Strata 900 powered by twin Evinrude E-TEC G2 250HP engines – leaving compromise in its wake. Photo: Hugo Schutte

In 2019 Evinrude celebrates it’s 110-year history and it is quite a story.

In 1906 a young man in pursuit of love faced a daunting challenge; how to prevent ice-cream from melting when trying to impress his girlfriend. Rowing simply did not do the trick any more, but there was no other solution available.

Our intrepid engineer and inventor, Olé Evinrude, sat pondering this problem for a while. The lady in question, Bess, was simply so beautiful and Olé was so in love, a solution had to be found. Tinkering in his shed, an idea took shape that forever changed the way we travel on water. This was the birth of outboard technology as we know it today and Evinrude still leads the way in innovation and technology.

The repower market is booming and new boats are taking to the water daily. Buyers have become a lot more discerning when it comes to choosing the right outboard for their particular need and more are drawn to Evinrude’s E-TEC technology when doing their own research. And with good reason.

In the modern age, with information at your fingertips, it’s relatively easy to find what you’re looking for and verify the data. And, we like that. Given that Evinrude has always been at the cutting edge of technology we like the fact that buyers are taking the time to make an informed decision rather than being a slave to a sales-pitch. We like the fact more people are using technology to identify the best outboard technology out there.

What we are saying is that Evinrude’s two-stroke technology is more advanced and simply out-performs anything else out there. It’s cleaner, more fuel efficient and more powerful than comparative four-strokes. The modern-day fuel-injected Evinrude engine is certainly not your grand-fathers two-stroke.

Our two-stroke engines are powerful, effortless and responsible.  Our technology is clean, measurably cleaner than our competitors. This may not appeal to everyone, but if you enjoy the thought of keeping our waterways, lakes and oceans clean and enjoy breathing fresh air, well…. simply put, Evinrude offer you the planets cleanest outboard. Period.  

Because of direct-injected two-stroke technology, our engines run more efficiently resulting in better fuel consumption and enabling you to spend more time on the water. No matter your activity, fishing, cruising, water-skiing or some white-knuckle racing, no engine takes you farther on a tank of gas. And all of this with 30 percent more torque at your disposal.

Our Intelligent Piloting System now includes I-DOCK, allowing even a novice to dock like a pro. Our power and hydraulic steering allows for effortless driving, clean rigging and more space on your boat. All the components that make up an Evinrude have been engineered to provide a better boating experience.

When Evinrude was inducted into the NASA Hall of Fame in 2018, it was because we developed a high strength, wear-resistant aluminium alloy for space exploration. This is the same alloy you find in a modern Evinrude.   When this cutting-edge technology meets the water, it delivers the class-leading Evinrude two-stroke performance we have become familiar with, leaving you with a boat that gets up on the plane faster, goes further on a tank of gas and simply leaves compromise in its wake.

Get in touch with one of our dealers countrywide at  evinrude.co.nz and get the only outboard that lets you have it all.


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